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position:人事部经理 education:本科 number:2 workplace:嘉兴 salary:面议 release time:2018-07-24 job validity period:2018-08-31

description of job

1. It is responsible for recruiting, appointing applicants and receiving interviews.

2. Handling employee entry procedures, signing employee labor contracts, renewal and management.

3. Establishment and management of employee files within the company.

4. Responsible for coordination with other departments and do a good job of uploading information.

5. Responsible for the administrative logistics of all departments of the company.

6. Responsible for attendance and salary performance accounting.

7. Responsible for the daily administrative affairs of the department, and cooperate with the superiors to do the work of the administrative staff.

8. Responsible for formulating, supervising and implementing the enterprise management rules and regulations, administrative personnel management system, process and performance appraisal system.

9. Post-processing work for employees responsible for turnover, including office supplies, keys, attendance, proof of separation, and termination of the contract. .